Land Rover Ad

Land Rover Ad

Short Ad celebrating the Series 1 Land Rover.
If you want more Land Rover action, be sure to visit the festivals at Billing Aquadrome.



A virtual train journey in collaboration with Joey Meuross. Above was an A1 widescreen print shown at the Ephemeral exhibition, displayed in conjunction with postcards given away free (Below).

The train Journey is intended to be an animation, it should hopefully be ready by Christmas.


ODT Logo

Logo design for upcoming magazine 'ODT.'


The Global Village

Animated web based GIF in response to the letter, 'The Global Village' from Tony Benn's 'Letters to my Grandchildren.'
The basis of this response was video game title screens,
which when left unplayed, proceed to demonstrations of the game. The spaceships of the United Nations are based upon the design of the sprite from the classic video game 'Asteroids.'


Road in the Sky Photographed

Digital print, wrapped around the original book. Photograph by Kellie Hindmarch.


Animated GIF Poster for a Lecture by Jenny Bowers

Lecture poster for Jenny Bowers (Small)

Animated poster made for a lecture by Jenny Bowers at Peepshow Collective, building on, in a way, from my previous animation, 'They come at Night.'


Bass Social Flyer

Bass Social Flyer

Final digital flyer design for 'Bass Social,' a group of DJs in and around Bath. Lineup yet to be published.


Oolitic Roman MMX

Display Sheets for new typeface, 'Oolitic Roman MMX.' Three of which I will photo-etch. Please send me an email if you would like a print. The font was constructed in response to
the architectural fa├žades of Bath Spa. Each letter is constructed using an oversized brick shape; a characteristic which defines the appearence of Roman and Georgian buildings in and around
Bath. The characteristics of the font are based upon basic aesthetics of Roman typefaces. Oolitic Limestone is mined from nearby and neighbouring towns Bathampton and Combe Down.
Oolite is the mineral from which the Roman Baths, the Royal Crescent and many other buildings in Bath Spa were built, and is still used today.


David McKendrick Poster

Poster for a Lecture by David McKendrick, exploring the more serious undertones of men's lifestyle magazines. Concerning the objectification of lifestyle, the car depicted is a mod of Sega's classic OutRun, a classic signifier of a masculinity lost, driving to seeming nothingness in the poster. The quote is by Bethan Benwell, from her seminal essay 'Locating The Male in the Men's Lifestyle Magazine.'

They Come at Night Animation

A short animation inspired by the flying saucer of 'Cosmic Ark,' from the AV exhibition, coupled with a scene in 'They Live,' in which advertising is revealed as an alien system. There's also a bit in the film where a UFO hovers above the city. This was just an experiment, but hopefully something serious will follow.


Adumu, the Dance of the Maasai

Entry for D & AD awards 2010, competition brief 'Resistance' for Don't Panic.


Cosmic Ark Silkscreen print

A two layer silkscreen print available for 3 lucky high scorers, on the night of the private view of the A/V exhibition. The winners were Luke Archer, Robin Cox and Jasper Dunk. More posters are available to purchase, and are printed on super nice paper. If you would like one, or are interested in selling some, please email me at: handtopixel@hotmail.com
'Cosmic Ark' is an Atari 2600 video game, designed by Imagic as a narrative sequel to 'Atlantis'. The event is a celebration of the beauty of simplified computer graphics and early interactive visual design; a reminder of an often ignored bygone era; by making on screen images maleable and thus memorable.

AV Exhibition

An Exhibition celebrating Bath's former Audio/Visual Shop, consisting of work from seven Bath Degree students and seven Bristol students. The flyer above shows my 'A' design, without a crossbar, which can be viewed as a 'V' when the flyer is turned upside down. Designs for the Bath 'A' are in yellow, whilst Bristol's designs are in red. Posters for the exhibition are screenprinted in A3 format. Below are a selection of images from the event.

(Above) Shop front with my 'A' design as a window vinyl transfer.

(Above) Cosmic Ark competition central
(Above) Private View night