ODT Logo

Logo design for upcoming magazine 'ODT.'


The Global Village

Animated web based GIF in response to the letter, 'The Global Village' from Tony Benn's 'Letters to my Grandchildren.'
The basis of this response was video game title screens,
which when left unplayed, proceed to demonstrations of the game. The spaceships of the United Nations are based upon the design of the sprite from the classic video game 'Asteroids.'


Road in the Sky Photographed

Digital print, wrapped around the original book. Photograph by Kellie Hindmarch.


Animated GIF Poster for a Lecture by Jenny Bowers

Lecture poster for Jenny Bowers (Small)

Animated poster made for a lecture by Jenny Bowers at Peepshow Collective, building on, in a way, from my previous animation, 'They come at Night.'


Bass Social Flyer

Bass Social Flyer

Final digital flyer design for 'Bass Social,' a group of DJs in and around Bath. Lineup yet to be published.